There are some things that money can’t buy and quite often our days down at Fork and Dig it are priceless.  However, now and then there are things that we need to help make it all possible.

£5 – £50

Fencing is essential to ensure our plants survive attack from furry friends.
If you’d like to contribute towards new fencing please click on the donate button.

£5 – £25

We save a lot of our seeds but we like to grow new varieties and sometimes need to buy in seeds. To donate towards seeds, please click on the link below.

£5 – £20

We have trainees, volunteers and team building days and we like to kit everybody out with the right gear. To donate gloves, please click on the link below.

£5 – £35

Help keep our workers dry by donating towards some wet weather gear. “There’s not such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” ~ Alfred Wainwright.